Welcome! Gemini sun Pisces moon Leo ascendant. More appropriately, I am the self-proclaimed sign psychopath and self-taught astrologer also known as Cosmic Cannibal (also, also known as Camille). I am the resident astrologer and Arts Editor for The Paper , where I report on campus news and write about the zodiac for college students in […]

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Birth Chart Interpretations

A Birth Chart Interpretation assists in gaining a deeper knowledge of self by presenting the Planets in the signs, and their placement in the astrological houses. I offer several types of readings: Express Birth Chart Readings ($25) focus on a specific planet or point in the chart, with the intent of exploring all the nuances […]

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March 2020 Horoscopes

It seems there’s never a month that passes where the planets aren’t making some sort of monumental shift. March is no different. In addition to the usual sign-shifting mosaic of Sun, Mercury, and Venus transits, Mars & Saturn will enter new signs ( the same sign — Aquarius) in the final week of March, testing […]

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February 2020 Horoscopes

By Camille Liptak As per the astrological status quo, the planets are changing this February.  The patchy planetary schedule is as follows: Mercury enters Pisces on the 3rd, encouraging the use of intuition & empathy over dispassionate logic; because Pisces is an emotional water sign, hypersensitivity could become a problem.  On the 7th, Venus enters […]

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