Welcome! Gemini sun Pisces moon Leo ascendant. More appropriately, I am the self-proclaimed sign psychopath and self-taught astrologer also known as Cosmic Cannibal (also, also known as Camille). I am the resident astrologer and Arts Editor for The Paper , where I report on campus news and write about the zodiac for college students in […]

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The Importance of Astrology

Astrology is often labelled an eccentric, superfluous subject, and tossed into the gutter to mingle with the debris of other unimportant, nonsensical, new-age studies. Many people (primarily skeptical Earth signs) consider it useless and laughable. On its surface, the art of Astrology appears to be impractical, illogical, and immature, due to the fact that many […]

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The Pomegranate

There it was. The fruit that damned a goddess and cemented her role as Queen of Hell looked innocuous in his hefty hand. He palmed the pomegranate and its reproductive innards like it was a precious prize. I wanted to grab it and shake it like a maraca, or throw it at his head, but […]

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