The Sun and the Personal Planets

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 Your Sun sign is as crucial a component of yourself as your name, it is the channel in which all of your emotions, thoughts, actions, and dreams find expression. And in order to fully express yourself, you must develop the characteristic qualities of your Sun sign. It is a struggle developing them consciously, at least the positive traits, because the nonconstructive ones are easier to tap in to, but they don’t aid in the desired expression of self, which is the ultimate desire of the Sun. Planetary aspects can help or hurt the development of expression, causing certain types of tension between the ease in communicating your feelings, thoughts, or desires. To better understand your Sun, you must understand its sign, element, and placement in the astrological houses. Each sign and corresponding house has a specific, desired expression that is unique to itself, so when the two co-mingle, as they naturally do in every chart, you get a new and different manner of self-expression and personal purpose. Like a celestial chemist, mixing a new hybrid of human dreams, hopes, and wishes with each birth, the possibilities of aspired Sun expression are limitless. The zodiac sign of the Sun tells as ‘what‘, as in what is itching to come out; and the astrological house reveals the where’ and ‘how’, the areas of life that the Sun (your identity) strongly seeks to be a part of. In order to feel fully complete as a person, the development of the Sun is paramount, because it is the ego.

 The Sun represents the creative drive and radiation of the spirit, and conveys the central source of the personality. All of the planets in the natal chart come together to express the personality through the unique vehicle of the Sun.  Because each planet will be in a different sign and house of their own, the sign of the Sun will reveal how the creative urge of the planet wishes to be expressed. The personality longs to become itself, and this can happen if you see and understand the Sun’s position in the chart, its element, mode, and house. And by understanding not only the meaning of the personal planets, but the inner longings, you can make the Sun’s expression much, much easier. Each planet rules a separate piece of you as a person, with the Sun being the person as a complete entity, a work of art that is colored by the varying hues of the different planets, or a beaker with assorted chemicals swirling inside, creating a new liquor.

There are seven personal planets, three outer-planets, and the Ascendant. But only the personal planets and the Ascendant affect the personality and expression of the Sun directly. In addition to the Sun and Ascendant, every chart, which means every person, has the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in a particular sign. The Moon rules the emotions, instincts, habits, and comfort, and it is the sign that determines your behavior as an infant, because you are strongly in tune with your instincts during infancy. But the Moon’s power extends well beyond childhood, any time you approach a situation (social, emotional, family, or other), your lunar instincts kick in to help you cope with, and find comfort in said situation. The Moon sign more than any other determines shyness in a person. Mercury rules the mind, and every form of communication, from learning and thinking, to speaking and writing. Venus rules your affection, artistic talents, and how you relax and enjoy yourself. In a woman’s chart, Venus reveals the way in which she puts herself out there, and how she views romance. While in a man’s chart, it describes the qualities he is most attracted to in a mate. Mars is the planet of aggression, action, initiation, and drive, and will describe the overall physical energy of a person, including athleticism and personal desire. Jupiter is how you grow and seek higher education, as well as your propensity towards risk and gambling. The last personal planet is Saturn, and Saturn’s sign shows your inner teacher and discipline, along with personal limitations you will face in your life.

All of these planets come together and seek expression through the Sun, but it is the Ascendant that determines the overall view and presentation of your individual masterpiece. The Ascendant is the medium, style, and genre of your personality as a work of art, and dictates the placement of the planets in the houses of the birth chart. Without it, comprehension of the entire personality is impossible. If the Sun represents your ego, the Ascendant represents the ego’s mask, the character or qualities it exhibits to face the world everyday, and it is one of the most important components to understanding the aspirations of the Sun.

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The language of the planets and the zodiac is cryptic and confusing, but with fluency, can be translated into poetically profound personal insight.  Everyone’s goal in life is to embody their Sun sign (whether they know it or not), and only with the comprehension of the planets can potential be not only seen, but reached.

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