Capricorn: the Skeleton

The Zodiac’s Goat is an ancient and noble bastion of caution, responsibility and…yeah, whatever. A more modern translation of Capricorn would be BORING, and I will admit, I possessed that unevolved mindset during the primitive stages of my astrological pilgrimage, but that is only because I was disillusioned by traditional tales usually told when describing Capricorn. That, […]

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The Gemini Gag Reflex

When I am not shoving Zodiac food in my face, being the info-hungry Gemini that I am, I’m regurgitating it out for the world to ingest. But I’m picky about the content of my planetary puke,  I don’t settle for the simple sun sign spewage, barfing out the same old, same old tired rendition of […]

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The Birth of a Cosmic Cannibal

I’ve been mulling, well gestating really, like a weird wine, growing into a crazed astro-fanatic for years. It started with a mix of curiosity and pride as I perused the pages of my favorite teeny-bopper magazines looking at the horoscope section in the back, emblazoned with short forecasts of my month to come. Even then […]

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The Importance of Astrology

Astrology is often labelled an eccentric, superfluous subject, and tossed into the gutter to mingle with the debris of other unimportant, nonsensical, new-age studies. Many people (primarily skeptical Earth signs) consider it useless and laughable. On its surface, the art of Astrology appears to be impractical, illogical, and immature, due to the fact that many […]

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