The Gemini Gag Reflex

When I am not shoving Zodiac food in my face, being the info-hungry Gemini that I am, I’m regurgitating it out for the world to ingest. But I’m picky about the content of my planetary puke,  I don’t settle for the simple sun sign spewage, barfing out the same old, same old tired rendition of the 12 zodiac signs’ character, I look deeper and get into their gut. I want to hurl the real scoop, filled with juicy chunks of accurate facts, and little to no rumors or sign misrepresentation, because I can’t stomach the thought of astrological injustice (Libras will concur).

So I’ve been writing and editing and drafting the Virgo chapter of my upcoming ebook, and naturally became nauseated by the information astrology has on that sign. And since Virgo is my Mercurial brethren, I feel an astro-obligation to stand up for them, which I did, and you can read it in my book. Shameless plug aside, I started to think about all the boring sweeping statements about the other signs, and I’m getting a little pissed. Now I, as well as you, know that the personality is comprised of 10 planets that affect the emotions, thoughts, actions, and unconscious behaviors, not just one, and you can’t have an accurate psychological analysis based solely on your sun sign, or sun sign summary. But that doesn’t mean that these solar descriptions have to be so…so colorless. It’s like astrology has taken a one-way trip to dullsville.

“Aries are impulsive; Taurus eats a lot; Gemini lies; Cancer cries; Leo has an ego; Virgo is anxious; Libra is fair; Scorpio is intense; Sagittarius jokes around; Capricorn is quiet; Aquarius is weird; Pisces feels.”… OK, ummm, we all do and have those things, regardless of of our sun sign – it’s just that no one tells us why. And nothing makes a Gemini gag more than lackluster low-downs. I, the Cosmic Cannibal live for why, so prepare to have your taste buds blown…

Not yet though! The Zodiac stew is still simmering, but I’ll let you all have a morsel every week or so. In the meantime, why don’t you share with me the rumors and myths of your sign that make you gag, and I’ll annihilate them?

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