Neptune, Saturn, and Little Girl Blues

Entity of THE BLUE – SYN Magazine by Elena Jasic, via Behance

Being a Neptune dominant Gemini gives me a nasty revilement of  reality, and a fetish for fantasy. Yet the sphere of Saturn’s influence makes me hyper aware of my limited physical existence. So as I sit surrendering to the soothing sounds of my Piscean soul sister, Janis Joplin, I wonder how the barrier separating my reality revilement from my worldly awareness can completely dissolve.

Ahh…but I should be accustomed to this cloud of confusion, seeing as dissolution is one of Neptune’s most notorious traits. It is one of the most difficult planets to understand, and Pisces and the 12th house are just as troublesome, because they all possess a high level of ambiguity, seeking worldly anonymity, and don’t want to be understood. So you can imagine the strain my Gemini brain faces when I attempt to analyze both my Pisces moon & heavy 12th house planet placements. Sometimes I feel as if I am living in a swamp of mysticism (the bad kind, not the Edgar Cayce kind), and I like to think that my surplus of Pisces and Neptune dominance is what makes me who I am creatively, being the sign and planet I identify with the most, but it is also what makes me an escapism-addict and reality-intolerant. Until my 6th house Saturn comes along and slaps me across the face – hard.

It’s this apparent opposition of basic urges between Saturn & Neptune, the form & the formless, that makes me most curious. These 2 planets are probably the most affected by reality, and cause the most anxiety and sadness in specimens lucky enough to be dominated by them both, but it’s this bitter duality that produces unparalleled art. And since I am an artist, this pairing fascinates me. Even though Saturn is a personal planet, having a direct influence over your consciousness, both of the planets impact the sub-conscious. And Neptune, I feel, is the dream planet, the one that gives you spell-like fantasies and visions (at least it does for me, but maybe I need professional help…) that seek to evade harshness, and escape to a pacifying world of the imagination, where the ego can dissolve. Whereas Saturn, like Capricorn, accepts his limits of reality without complaint, because it’s part of his job description. So when Neptune is unable to soak in some form of the sublime, like art or healing for instance, he becomes anxious, scared, and sad. And it will surprise some of you to know that for all the surface softness and frailty associated with Pisces, Neptune’s fury is one of the fiercest forces in astrology. It just surfaces in strange, mysterious ways, like addiction. When Saturn feels threatened by the potential drowning of his structured reality in Neptunian waters, he begins to panic, so he makes reality sharper and clearer, not to mention more painful.

It’s a weird battle of wits & wills, that can cause a lot of inner turbulence for some (present company included), but like I said, can produce impressive fruits. When Neptune and Saturn wage war, and the imagination is used to create something of substance, form can be given to the mysterious realm of the sublime, by way of painting, writing, etc. And both planets can experience catharsis; Neptune will be satisfied because he got to swim in his waves, and stodgy Saturn will have something to show for it. And both planets need the other. Neptune needs Saturn’s limits, or else he will drown in his own cosmic slop; and Saturn needs Neptune’s healing and feeling, because he will learn that suffering gives him strength. It is in this merging of form & formless, name & nameless that the planets can co-exist safely, and for artists, creatively.

I’m curious if any of you experience the influence or pull of either (or both) Neptune & Saturn?

6 thoughts on “Neptune, Saturn, and Little Girl Blues

  1. Great post – beautiful writing.

    I have Saturn and Neptune within 2 degrees of each other in Capricorn. (4th House.) The first decan of Capricorn.. I find an interesting stellium there – Uranus, Moon, Saturn, Neptune & Vesta. (all within 10 degrees)

    I find it inte

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    1. ..not sure why I pressed the enter button there. As I was…. I find it interesting how we are moving from Pisces decan 3 ruled by Saturn in to Aquarius decan 1 ruled by Neptune. I feel we have being seeing this clash of the titans on a large scale.


    2. Thank you! “Clash of the Titans” is an exquisite way to phrase the tension between these 2 planets. That is very curious, how you have those 4 placements in the Moon’s natural house, and with Capricorn no less, I bet having a pleasing home and family life is crucial to your well being. Where do you feel that pull to dissolve or escape? I focused on artistic expression, because like I mentioned, I have 3 planets in the 12th, a Pisces moon, and Uranus and Neptune in the 5th, so those Neptunian creative outlets are how I seem to escape myself. But thank you again for reading and sharing!


      1. Sorry for the late reply. All this activity in Libra lately has sent me a bit haywire! That activity I have in Capricorn is squared to my Sun and Mars in Libra. The cardinal lunar eclipse in Aries tipped my life upside down – I imagine this cardinal T-square I have could be the culprit. Job losses, total changes in direction.. but ultimately now I am feeling the door is open for new insights and exciting change.

        Pisces moon sounds magical – I have a friend born on a Pisces new moon. She is captivating writer, like yourself – I always tell her to pursue it more.

        After travelling around for many years… the universe has brought me back to the house I was born in. While I finally decide what to do with my life… (cardinal T-square!!!)… but this space I have here at home is certainly my sanctuary. Always has been.

        The only planet I have in the 12th house is Mercury in Virgo… so this Mercury retrograde over Libra has been particularly difficult… I’ve not been able to look at my wordpress website – I couldn’t stand the imperfections!!!! haha. I feel the energy is clearing for me now – re-emerging from my own depths.

        I’m going to get round to reading your new articles now 🙂


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