16″ x 20″ Edgy Abstract Wall Art

A collection of my best, boldest, and brightest 16″ x 20″ abstract pieces. “The Aquarian” – this drippy, trippy gray, teal, black and white piece was inspired by the zodiac air sign, Aquarius.  ” The Asylum” – one my first paintings, this bright blue electric piece was created by layering and splattering many different shades […]

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Cosmic Cannibal Edgy Abstract Wall Art

A collection of my most potent 12″ x 12″ abstract art pieces. 1.”Aura” – a neon textured painting in bold, electric colors with shades of blue, black, green, teal, orange and white with hints and splatters of pink and orange, from my larger 4- piece set, “New Wave Rave” (includes “Day-Glo”) 2. “The Shadows Betray You” – inspired by and […]

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The Glyph and Myth of Capricorn

        Each and every zodiac sign has been associated a constellation, a ruling planet, and an element, and all three of those associations prove to be important concurrences that illuminate the misinterpreted temperaments and characters of the twelve zodiac signs – Capricorn is no exception. The Goat (or more accurately, the sea […]

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