Cosmic Cannibal Edgy Abstract Wall Art

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A collection of my most potent 12″ x 12″ abstract art pieces.

1.”Aura” – a neon textured painting in bold, electric colors with shades of blue, black, green, teal, orange and white with hints and splatters of pink and orange, from my larger 4- piece set, “New Wave Rave” (includes “Day-Glo”)

2. “The Shadows Betray You” – inspired by and named after the Dark Knight Rises original motion picture soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer, this trippy piece was created with a swirling technique using black and white acrylic paint, and blue fabric dye.

3. “Day-Glo” – a bright colored painting created with acrylic paints and fabric dye; it has texture and contrast; part of my larger, 4-piece set, “New Wave Rave”

4.”Restrictions of a Maggot Brain” – a piece inspired by the 1971 album Maggot Brain by Funkadelic, it was made using only 2 colors. After thickly painting the canvas with black paint, white paint was sprayed to create a raining meteor shower; part of 3-piece set.

5.”Stingray” – a splattered black and white drip painting that is striking and minilismistic.

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A collection of my best, boldest, and brightest 16″ x 20″ abstract pieces.

  1. The Aquarian” – this drippy, trippy gray, teal, black and white piece was inspired by the zodiac air sign, Aquarius.
  2.  ” The Asylum” – one my first paintings, this bright blue electric piece was created by layering and splattering many different shades of blue, purple, and pink paint and fabric dye to achieve a starry, nebula look and feel.
  3.  “Crucifixion” – paying homage to my youthful love of gore, this multilayered, graphic piece has shades of red and black underneath a gauze-like filter of diluted white acrylic paint.
  4. “Untitled” – created with a special canvas-to-canvas stamp technique using diluted black acrylic paint.
  5. Ascendant on Fire in June” – inspired by the summer heat of 2015, this multilayered piece combines many colors I associate with rising flames: orange, hot pink, red, and black.
  6. Graffiti” – painted with a mixture of light and dark blue fabric dyes and white and lime green paints to stain the cotton canvas, this vivd piece was inspired by street art.
  7. The Limelight” and “Club Kids” – bold and bright,  I had the atmosphere of the New York Disco club, The Limelight and its colorful inhabitants in mind when I put paint to canvas.
  8. Taurus in a Real-World Eden” – a smokey, green, black, gray, and white splatter/drip abstract art painting inspired by the earth sign, Taurus.

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A collection of my larger sized abstract art pieces, ranging in size from 12x 24″,18x 24″, and 30x 24″.

  1. That Yellow Bastard Makes Me GAG” – a dramatic and expressive 18×24″ splatter piece inspired by a character from the graphic novel series, Sin City.
  2. Cosmic Slop” – a splashy, raw, chromatic large 30×24″ piece, created using a variety of colors and techniques to mimick the texture of outer space.
  3. Deep Fling” – a 18×24″ textured pastel piece with shades of peach and muted teal, and splashes of diluted black acrylic paint on cotton canvas.
  4. Ambrosia” – glowing gold and rich magenta were layed with black and white acrylic paints to create this radiant 30×24″ piece.
  5. The Haze in May” – a floral-inspired, springtime lilac and moss colored piece with swirls and drips of black and white diluted acrylic paint on 12×24″ cotton canvas.
  6. The Furies” – a dynamic navy, black, and white splatter painting inspired by the Rorscach inkblot test; cardboard canvas measures 30×24″.
  7. Zodiac” – my most recent rainbow and astrology-inspired work, with bold and blended colors splashed and sripped onto a textured and patterned  30×24″ cotton canvas.

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