Abstract Art (12×12″)

A collection of my most colorful 12″ x 12″ abstract art pieces. Small, but mighty.

1.”Aura” – a neon textured painting in bold, electric colors with shades of blue, black, green, teal, orange and white with hints and splatters of pink and orange, from my larger 4- piece set, “New Wave Rave” (includes “Day-Glo”)

2. “Day-Glo” – a bright colored painting created with acrylic paints and fabric dye; it has texture and contrast; part of my larger, 4-piece set, “New Wave Rave”

3.”Restrictions of a Maggot Brain” – a piece inspired by the 1971 album Maggot Brain by Funkadelic, it was made using only 2 colors. After thickly painting the canvas with black paint, white paint was sprayed to create a raining meteor shower; part of 3-piece set.

4.”Stingray” – a splattered black and white drip painting that is striking and minimalismistic.

5. “The Shadows Betray You” – inspired by and named after the Dark Knight Rises original motion picture soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer, this trippy piece was created with a swirling technique using black and white acrylic paint, and blue fabric dye.



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