Abstract Art (16×20″)

A collection of my best, boldest, and brightest 16″ x 20″ abstract pieces. Starting from the Left:

  1. The Aquarian” – this drippy, trippy gray, teal, black and white piece was inspired by the zodiac air sign, Aquarius. (SOLD)
  2. “Untitled” – created with a special canvas-to-canvas stamp technique using diluted black acrylic paint.
  3. Ascendant on Fire in June” – inspired by the summer heat of 2015, this multilayered piece combines many colors I associate with rising flames: orange, hot pink, red, and black. (SOLD)
  4.  “Crucifixion” – paying homage to my youthful love of gore, this multilayered, graphic piece has shades of red and black underneath a gauze-like filter of diluted white acrylic paint.
  5. The Limelight” and “Club Kids” – bold and bright,  I had the atmosphere of the New York Disco club The Limelight and its colorful inhabitants in mind when I put paint to canvas.
  6.  ” The Asylum” – one my first paintings, this bright blue electric piece was created by layering and splattering many different shades of blue, purple, and pink paint and fabric dye to achieve a starry, nebula look and feel.
  7. Taurus in a Real-World Eden” – a smokey, green, black, gray, and white splatter/drip abstract art painting inspired by the earth sign, Taurus.
  8. Graffiti” – painted with a mixture of light and dark blue fabric dyes and white and lime green paints to stain the cotton canvas, this vivd piece was inspired by street art.


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