Abstract Art (large)

A collection of my larger sized abstract art pieces, ranging in size from 12×24″,18×24″, and 30×24″. Starting from the left upper hand corner:

  1. Deep Fling” – a 18×24″ textured pastel piece with shades of peach and muted teal, and splashes of diluted black acrylic paint on cotton canvas.
  2. That Yellow Bastard Makes Me GAG” – a dramatic and expressive 18×24″ splatter piece inspired by a character from the graphic novel series, Sin City.
  3. Cosmic Slop” – a splashy, raw, chromatic large 30×24″ piece, created using a variety of colors and techniques to mimick the texture of outer space.
  4. The Furies” – a dynamic navy, black, and white splatter painting inspired by the Rorscach inkblot test; cardboard canvas measures 30×24″.
  5. The Haze in May” – a floral-inspired, springtime lilac and moss colored piece with swirls and drips of black and white diluted acrylic paint on 12×24″ cotton canvas.
  6. Zodiac” – my most recent rainbow and astrology-inspired work, with bold and blended colors splashed and sripped onto a textured and patterned  30×24″ cotton canvas.
  7. Ambrosia” – glowing gold and rich magenta were layed with black and white acrylic paints to create this radiant 30×24″ piece.

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