November 2019 Horoscope

By Camille Liptak

Planetary Energies are mixed this month, but don’t fret. Ok, maybe you can fret over Mercury Retrograde.

I know, I know: Another Mercury retrograde? How many times can this happen in a year? Yes there’s another Mercury retrograde, the planet of communication goes retro three times a year, basically wreaking havoc on our ability to think, speak, and write. Good news: Mercury’s retrograde revolution Scorpio only lasts until the 20th. Still, be mindful of your words! 

The rest of November’s transits are pretty straightforward:

Venus the planet of love enters Sagittarius on the 1st, staying there until the 25th, when it enters Capricorn; a full moon in earth sign Taurus takes place on the 12th; Mars, the action planet, enters Scorpio on the 19th; the 26th marks a special day for Sagittarius, with a new moon in the fire sign; and Neptune’s forward motion into Pisces on the 27th rounds off the month nicely.  

Wow. Amazing, you say, But what does this mean for me? Well, read your horoscope and find out! (Geez, impatient much?)


Alright, let’s get it out of the way: Mercury Retrograde. This transit refocuses attention on the hidden aspects within. Though unpleasant, intense exploration of yourself and your intimate relationships/shared resources is essential for healing. Mercifully, Venus-in-Sagittarius brightens your worldview, urging you to momentarily break your routine. Fall back in love with life and rekindle your optimism with a romantic adventure into the mountains or art world; insight and intuition expand. Reality comes to the fore with the Taurus full moon; assets and self-worth reach a point of fulfillment. Motivated by a deep-rooted desire to restructure and transform, you’re charging towards a confrontation with unspoken fears. Mars-in-Scorpio gives you the guts to face festering emotions — anger, jealousy, shame, etc. — and tackle the shadows in yourself and your mate. Venus-in-Capricorn on the 25th attracts positive circumstances for your professional life — but they manifest if and only if you stay positive. The Sagittarius new moon helps, ushering an uplifting attitude adjustment that paves the way for the future. With Neptune direct on the 27th, spiritual matters demystify…  


Too often you target your sarcasm and wit towards others. Retrograde Mercury causes more caustic remarks about your partner/spouse/ colleagues/boss. The irony of it all? The snides and scoffs are all projections: “You/She/He/They” really means “I.” Venus-in-Sagittarius doesn’t totally take away your snark, but it shifts your tongue towards truth; tact is still lacking, but at least you’re honest in your relationships with others. (Right?) The full moon in your signs puts you back in control of a seemingly chaotic situation; these effects endure well past the 12th. Starting the 19th, Mars-in-Scorpio doubles your lust for equal power, making you a mite quarrelsome. Avoid passive-aggressively keeping score with partners, this builds resentment. Voice inequalities, and get to the bottom of your aggression. On the 25th, Venus-in-Capricorn calms your competitive qualms, crystallizing your sense of justice; time is of great value to you. The Sagittarius new moon on the 26th is your chance to reevaluate investments and inheritances. On the 27th, Neptune turns direct, as do your aspirations to actualize ideals…  


Get ready for a busy month. Mercury retrograde brings back a project from the past. Dust it off, do some digging, and use this retro transit to hone your wayward concentration. But good times are on the horizon with Venus-in-Sagittarius: There’s a near-perfect balance between freedom and relationships; affection, generosity, and optimism abound. Indelible ah-ha moment(s) manifest near the 12th with the full moon in Taurus, which help you clear away the cobwebs in your unconscious, preventing a sudden urge to self-destruct. Mars-in-Scorpio hurls your scattered energies into hard work and productivity. Work selflessly. Worry less about recognition, and focus more on actually completing all the projects you start. Venus enters Capricorn on the 25th, stimulating your desire for depth — yes, you read that right, depth — as it’s a necessary evil for your personal evolution. Negotiate a spiritual contract for your personal/professional endeavors on the 26th with the Sagittarius new moon, and let fate finalize the details. Your attitude shifts when Neptune turns direct on the 27th; career goals are no longer murky… 


Call me a broken record, but Mercury is retrograde again, this time in fellow water sign Scorpio. Though not entirely adverse, this transit can create misunderstandings between you, your partner and children. Avoid jumping to wild conclusions about these relationships: your emotions are particularly intense; intuition is heightened, but it’s lovey-dovey desire — not logic — driving your decisions. Scorpio Mars adds to this, making you a wee-bit manic about your wants; you crave romantic intimacy, and could become obsessive and/or possessive about it. Before all that, Venus-in-Sagittarius demands that you cease fantasizing and philosophizing, and get practical about your expectations of love. Near the 12th, a group project requires more of your commitment thanks to the Taurus full moon. Interest in, and commitment to your partner deepen starting the 25th when Venus enters Capricorn. And an opportunity to examine your day-to-day responsibilities and work habits presents itself on the 26th with the Sagittarius new moon. Higher truths are revealed when Neptune-in-Pisces turns direct on the 27th, and you finally see your place in the universe…   


Let’s get the major transit out of the way: Mercury retrograde. Just when brooding over the past seemed like a thing of the past, retro Mercury summons your attention back to before. From now until the 20th, reflect on ways to heal yesterday’s wounds, and you’ll solve today’s most pressing problems. On a more positive note, Venus-in-Sagittarius mitigates the supposedly malignant retrograde Mercury with an abundance of positive vibes. Creativity, love life, and joie de vivre benefit the most during this fire sign transit, reminding you how it feels to let your hair down (this buoyancy lasts until the 25th, when Venus enters Capricorn). On the 12th, professional ambitions finally come to fruition with the Taurus full moon. Mars in Scorpio rekindles your passions, giving you fixity of purpose, especially at home — but watch for unnecessary quarrels! Don’t argue with the fam if you don’t have to. Opportunities for fun, romance, and travel arise on the 26th with the Sagittarius new moon. Finally, outer planet Neptune turns direct on the 27th, unfogging your creative depths… 


Variety is the spice of your cosmic life this November. Mercury retrograde affects your daily communication, so watch what you say & how you say it, and avoid obsessively complaining or nagging. Cheerfulness and restlessness abound with Venus-in-Sagittarius; you both love and want to get as far away from your family as possible. Pets are a safe source of pleasure; be generous to your furry friends, and the fam will seem less cloying. Around the 12th, boredom prompts an expedition, which ends on the Taurus full moon. Starting the 19th, Mars-in-Scorpio gives you energy to power through any task thrown your way, but arguing, defensiveness, and control issues makes it difficult for you to relax and let go. Remember: fixating on the details of conflicts doesn’t actually fix anything, it just makes you mean. Venus-in-Capricorn heightens your creativity and sense of fun. On the 26th, a significant exchange with parents and/or the past comes with the Sagittarius new moon; just don’t joke away your pain. When Neptune turns direct on the 27th, partnership illusions vanish… 


Look to the stars… though they’re not really gonna be much help during Mercury retrograde, which causes some confusion about your values and assets. You want to make money, but can’t stop spending money, and yet refuse to talk about money, then you feel bad about yourself. Don’t overthink, Libra: This cycle of incertitude ends on the 20th. Venus-in-Sagittarius has you keen to socialize, explore, and communicate your artistic side; there’s beauty in the everyday, simply find it and express it! Abnormal enviousness about your possessions (and indeed, the possessions you lack) comes about on the Taurus full moon; sadly, this envy doesn’t disappear right away. Starting the 19th, those aforementioned attitudes about money continue, but you’re motivated and insightful about how to solve the earning/spending predicament (and also more confident). Venus-in-Capricorn brings equality and harmony to your home and family; though loneliness and isolation hovers overhead. The Sagittarius new moon on the 26th amplifies your social circle and urge to fraternize; when Neptune turns direct on the 27th, those social urges serve others…  


Slower reasoning, shaming & blaming are some of the adverse effects of Mercury Retrograde. Words are powerful and capable of healing, so watch what you say to yourself and others. Self-examination is encouraged. With Venus-in-Sagittarius, you’re earning and spending more, having convinced yourself that making money is a free-wheeling endeavor; it isn’t, which you’ll suddenly remember when Venus enters Capricorn on the 25th and you get back into self-discipline. Until that time: indulge but don’t binge. Around the 12th, the looming Taurus full moon brings questions about your partnerships to the fore; ultimatums could lead to loss, so tread carefully. Mars in your sign amplifies your pride, magnetism, and passion; you feel like the top dog, though your appetite for exhibitionism and competition may turn you into an insensitive bully (just saying). Use this increase in endurance and energy positively. A sudden desire to roam comes with the Sagittarius new moon on the 26th; go with the flow — it’ll result in a major payoff. When Neptune turns direct on the 27th, love ain’t so nebulous… 


So what if Mercury is retrograde? Venus is in your sign, giving you oodles of confidence, charisma, and optimism, which works like a karmic spell in attracting more of the same from others. Be smart with this abundance of goodness, and share yourself! It might also behoove you to get creative — brainstorm and experiment until Mercury turns direct. Ride the wave of these good vibes until the 25th when Venus enters Capricorn. But wait, there’s more: the new moon in your sign opens up your third eye to all the possibilities of tomorrow. Whether you want to boost love, money, career, the sky’s the limit! The Taurus full moon on the 12th puts the spotlight on your work and health routine: is it as organized as it should be? Use your intuition to make any adjustments. Starting the 19th, you’re all about your possession with Mars-in-Scorpio. This isn’t necessarily bad, but can lead to some impulse shopping and pleasure-seeking. Still, your self-worth is high. When Neptune turns direct on the 27th, your inner self shifts… 


Censor your shocking-and-sharp insights and clarify all forms of communication during this Mercury retrograde — you’ll prevent saying the opposite of what you mean. Not that you care all that much if people misinterpret you. (#That’sOnThem) Still, leave the sneers and jeers to less-evolved signs. Rarely are you accused of being idealistic, but Venus-in-Sagittarius is asking you to let loose your romantic. Truth is, behind your stoic, self-assured veneer is a big tender heart capable of selfless love and generosity — it’s high time you show that part of you. The Taurus full moon on the 12th brings a lasting resolution to a personal creative project or child-related issue. Mars-in- Scorpio propels you fast and furious towards your goals, and you’re feeling everything. Starting the 25th, Venus transits your sign, boosting your creativity; write, knit, paint — do whatever your muse tells you to! On the 26th, the Sagittarius new moon is the night to indulge in some introspection and spiritual searching; heaven knows what you’ll find. Lastly, Neptune turns direct on the 27th, demystifying your daily life.


Arguably, you find respecting authority and holding your tongue the hardest tasks in life. But for once, think before you speak — especially when speaking to your boss/teacher/parent(s)! Not doing so could spell trouble at work/school/home. Still, Venus-in-Sagittarius gives you enough felicity to counteract any careless cheek. Bonus: you’re friendlier and more social. The Taurus full moon on the 12th creates stability at home, but also publicizes a few of your family problems. Starting the 19th, Mars-in-Scorpio catapults you straight to the heart of your work. No longer afraid of your aims and ambitions, you’re practically unstoppable (as well as increasingly argumentative, stubborn, and willful). When Venus enters Capricorn on the 25th, sentiments shift to altruism, idealism, and unrequitedness; “If only…” becomes your private mantra. Invite your aspirations to swell on the 26th with the Sagittarius new moon; it’s a lucky lunation for growth if you think big. Practical creativity brings you back down to earth when Neptune turns direct on the 27th, and now you can use your talents for $$… 


Planets are emphasizing your career and the future, but Mercury retrograde requires you to be more introspective than usual. Research and untangle your inner truths to unlock life’s mysteries. Deep breaths and even more deep (magical) thinking will get you through the 20th. Venus-in-Sagittarius attracts major improvements at work; PR’s — from professional relationships to public relations — run smoothly. The 12th brings a steadfast change in how you connect with your siblings, neighbors, friends, with the Taurus full moon. Starting the 19th, Mars-in-Scorpio heats up your inner explorer; expand your consciousness through creative and intellectually stimulating activities — travel, writing, or simply dedicating more time and attention to school — basically anything that strokes your inner sage. Venus enters Capricorn on the 25th, summoning invites from all over; this could include a new job offer. The Sagittarius new moon on the 26th promises an eye-opening experience at work; plant positive seeds and watch your life path grow. The veil of uncertainty lifts when Neptune turns direct on the 27th; confidence, clarity, and creativity soar and your spirit levitates… 

Originally published in The Paper.

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