Sagittarius in Love

For the mutable fire sign, loving liaisons are all about the Ex’s and O’s. Sagittarius seeks to explore and expand through the experience and exoticism of new love. I say new love, because the Centaur demands a high level of novelty in order to stay interested. People of this fire sign is expansive, and seek […]

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Aries Compatibility

Love doesn’t always mean fireworks for the first fire sign of the zodiac. It can mean friction, frustration, and much more for Aries the Ram.

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Leo Compatibility

Sign-on-Sign Synastry, baby. Loving Leo the Lion

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Amorous Aries, The Cardinal Fire Sign in Love

Ever wonder how the signs really act when bitten by the love bug? Throughout the following weeks, I’ll be giving you dense, juicy details about the amorous side of the zodiac. This week I’m starting off with a bang, focusing on the basic love character of Aries the Ram. Aries love hard – there’s no […]

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