16″ x 20″ Edgy Abstract Wall Art

A collection of my best, boldest, and brightest 16″ x 20″ abstract pieces. “The Aquarian” – this drippy, trippy gray, teal, black and white piece was inspired by the zodiac air sign, Aquarius.  ” The Asylum” – one my first paintings, this bright blue electric piece was created by layering and splattering many different shades […]

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Cosmic Cannibal Edgy Abstract Wall Art

A collection of my most potent 12″ x 12″ abstract art pieces. 1.”Aura” – a neon textured painting in bold, electric colors with shades of blue, black, green, teal, orange and white with hints and splatters of pink and orange, from my larger 4- piece set, “New Wave Rave” (includes “Day-Glo”) 2. “The Shadows Betray You” – inspired by and […]

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The Haze in May

Title: The Haze in May Size: 12″ x 24″ Materials: various acrylic paints Original abstract painting by Camille L. (the Cosmic Cannibal) Rectangular-shaped, original painting in bright, beautiful colors with shades of purple, black, green, and white swirled together. Painted on stretched cotton canvas. This is an acrylic piece made to look like a watercolor […]

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Title: Ambrosia Size: 30″x 24″ Materials: acrylic paints on canvas Original Abstract Painting by Camille L. (the Cosmic Cannibal) Purple, yellow, black, and white acrylic paints were diluted and combined into hybrid, vibrant watercolors. The end result is a bright magenta and golden yellow painting with black and white splashes and hints of lilac and […]

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