Welcome! Gemini sun Pisces moon Leo ascendant. More appropriately, I am the self-proclaimed sign psychopath and self-taught astrologer also known as Cosmic Cannibal (also, also known as Camille). I am the resident astrologer and Arts Editor for The Paper , where I report on campus news and write about the zodiac for college students in […]

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The Gemini Gag Reflex

When I am not shoving Zodiac food in my face, being the info-hungry Gemini that I am, I’m regurgitating it out for the world to ingest. But I’m picky about the content of my planetary puke,  I don’t settle for the simple sun sign spewage, barfing out the same old, same old tired rendition of […]

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The Birth of a Cosmic Cannibal

I’ve been mulling, well gestating really, like a weird wine, growing into a crazed astro-fanatic for years. It started with a mix of curiosity and pride as I perused the pages of my favorite teeny-bopper magazines looking at the horoscope section in the back, emblazoned with short forecasts of my month to come. Even then […]

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